A Guide to Safe Stainless Steel Cookware — The Honest Consumer

27 Apr.,2023


Stainless steel is a versatile material used for a variety of cookware, such as pots and pans, as well as for cutlery and even your kitchen sink.

Not only is it useful in the kitchen, but beyond it too, having been used in the medical profession for everything from scalpels to prosthetic implants.

So what is stainless steel? It’s an alloy (a mixture of metals) of iron and chromium, with elements such as nickel, titanium, aluminum, copper, and molybdenum added to improve strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. 

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Is Stainless Steel Cookware Toxic?

Stainless steel cookware can release small amounts of elements such as chromium and nickel. These are naturally-occurring substances also present in food.

While the amount released from stainless steel cookware is typically minimal, the concern is that the presence of these elements in our bodies may become too high, especially because we are already getting these from food.

However, leaching of these elements can be dependent on the type of food you are cooking, the temperature and duration of cooking, as well as the grade of stainless steel used.

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