4 Tips to Help Choose the Right Jewellery Box for Your Brand

26 Oct.,2022

Jewellery boxes come in many different shapes, styles and varieties and finding the right one is of great significance to every jewellery manufacturer and jewellery box wholesaler.


Jewellery boxes come in many different shapes, styles and varieties and finding the right one is of great significance to every jewellery manufacturer and jewellery box wholesaler. This is because jewellery boxes can act as a branding tool and can also promote the sale of jewellery. Therefore before you decide to choose a jewellery box supplier, you should spend some time sifting through the jewellery boxes that appear on the market so that you will know which box is more suitable for your brand. In this article, here we have listed some important factors to consider when choosing a jewellery box.

jewellery box

jewellery box


1. Identify your target customer


Who you are providing the jewellery box for, whether it is for children or adults, for newlyweds or for collectors. For example, children will love a jewellery box with music as it is very charming; for a collector, it is a keepsake that needs a more sophisticated and glamorous look. Audience analysis is therefore very important.

2. The material of the jewellery box


A good quality jewellery box will prevent moisture build-up and provide good insulation, preventing jewellery from losing its lustre. Depending on the characteristics of each material and your own requirements, the following are the four main materials used for jewellery boxes.



Paper boxes


Some jewellery boxes are most likely to be made from cardboard or paper. Although paper jewellery boxes are mainly used for gift wrapping, they can still make ideal jewellery boxes.



Leather boxes


Leather is a very durable material and is very popular with designers for the manufacture of men's jewellery boxes. This is because as well as being very chic and luxurious, designers believe that leather is more masculine and rugged, making it more suitable for male users.



Transparent boxes


Acrylic jewellery boxes are known for their transparency. Acrylic jewellery boxes allow you to clearly see the inner workings of the box.



Velvet box



The velvet jewellery box is one that most people are familiar with.Velvet can be used to cover the outside of a jewellery box as well as to decorate the inside. The soft look and feel of velvet give the box a very sophisticated appearance.
The soft look and feel of velvet give the jewellery box a very sophisticated look, making it more elegant and refined, and therefore more suitable for female users.

You also need to consider the material of the lining. A packaging lining that is too hard or too rough can damage your jewellery, so you should choose a very soft lining, such as velvet cloth, to avoid wear and tear on your jewellery.
The only downside to high-quality materials is that they can lead to a higher price. But one thing is for sure, jewellery boxes made from quality materials will also be more durable.



3. Size of the jewellery box



Jewellery boxes come in many different shapes and sizes to suit almost any type of jewellery. However, jewellery boxes that are too large are not conducive to transport and can also increase the cost of storage, so they need to be sized appropriately, and the size can be made small and delicate as long as it stores the jewellery well. So if you are a jewellery brand, you will need to choose a different size of jewellery box depending on the type of jewellery.



4. Design



Jewellery boxes come in a variety of different designs, from very stylish modern designs to more sophisticated classic designs. And a good-looking jewellery box not only serves as a branding tool but also promotes the sale of your jewellery.
The most common shapes of jewellery boxes are round and square, but there are many other options such as diamond, heart, shell or hat shapes. Although jewellers of all brands are pursuing innovation and choosing various styles of the outer packaging, standard shapes are more spacious and practical than more unique shapes. This is because a jewellery box is an item that can be stored in your home for many years. A simple look will be more durable and will remain a very classic look even after time has passed.


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