Colored Fiberglass Fabric

10 Apr.,2023


Colored Fiberglass Fabric

Product Description

Colored Fiberglass Fabric is made of regular white fiberglass fabric with dyeing treatment, adopts high-temperature resistant and high-strength fiberglass.

Main performance features:

1. It has the characteristics of softness and heat resistance, and the heat resistance temperature can reach 550-1000 ° C.

2. It has the characteristics of low bulk density, thermal vibration resistance, sound absorption, chemical corrosion resistance, fire resistance, dust removal and easy construction. It is widely used in cinema, anechoic room, advanced sports venues, heat insulation, heat preservation, sealing, fire protection, energy saving, labor protection, electronics, aerospace and other fields.

3. No irritation to skin.

4. Fireproof and incombustible. Class A - non combustible, executive standard GB8624-2006.

Color Option

Blue fiberglass fabric, red fiberglass fabric, gray fiberglass fabric, yellow fiberglass fabric and other colored fiberglass fabrics (with good decoration).

Arts & Culture 

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