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29 Mar.,2023


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What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?

Also frequently referred to as EMF (electromagnetic field), EMR is the “low level” of radiation that is emitted by electrical equipment and electronic devices. Devices that transmit data generally emit more. It used to be thought that only high levels of ionizing radiation, like x-rays, caused damage, but we now see that long-term exposure to low levels of non-ionizing radiation can also be harmful. This is the type that we are currently exposed to day in and day out.


Why should I care about EMR?

EMR has a notable negative effect on our cells and biology by compromising mitochondrial function, damaging DNA, and interrupting voltage gated calcium channels. As a result, we see that consistent exposure to EMR is correlated with an increased risk of cancer as well as fertility issues. Other common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sleep interference, brain fog, skin issues, heart palpitations, and general malaise. I recommend the book Radiation Nation as a great starting point to dive into these concepts more deeply, as well as for a collection of studies and references!


What are the sources of EMR?

Some of the top sources of EMR in the home include microwaves, cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices, wifi routers, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, smart home devices, and even baby monitors! Outside of the home the highest sources include cell towers, high tension power lines, and 5G cells.


How can I protect myself from EMR?

The most important thing to remember is that distance is your friend. Keep your devices away from you when you’re not using them. Know where the top emitting devices in your house are (smart meter, microwave, wifi router, etc) and minimize the amount of time you spend near them. I purchased a simple EMF meter on Amazon (I’d like to upgrade to this one) and used it to gauge the different devices in my house; my microwave was emitting high levels even when not in use, so we took it out altogether! If you have a smart meter, you might consider something like a faraday cage that blocks the emission of EMR. You can also find EMF blocking paint / fabric that can be used on the interior walls to help block transmission! Last but not least, wifi routers are a big source, so if you can hardwire your internet, that’s a great option.


Don’t forget to consider the area around your home as well; is there a cell tower nearby? Do you see 5G pillars around? What about high-tension power lines? These were break-it items for me in our recent house search. What about your neighbors? Do you live in an apartment complex? Could there be a wifi router on the other side of your bedroom wall, or perhaps one in every direction? The cumulative exposure can add up quickly in today’s world!


The reality is though, sometimes distance and avoidance are not feasible. Most of us work on computers and use cell phones, and using the internet is a way of life these days. I make a point to use air tube headphones or speaker when talking on a call, but I still need to be in proximity to my phone most of the time for my job.


This necessitates a transition from the concept of EMR avoidance to the one of transformation and coherence. Last year I started learning about products that can help to create a coherent field around the body to counteract the negative effect of EMR. While I still employ all of the avoidance strategies above whenever possible, I feel a lot better about using my phone and laptop for work every day knowing that there is something I can use to help mitigate my exposure!


One of these products is the Lifetune Device from Aires Tech. Before I go on, I don’t want to forget to mention that they are currently running a 20% off sale from May 24th-29th 2021!


I have been using Aires Tech products for over a year now, but their improved Lifetune line has been upgraded with 5G specifically in mind. The EMR Modulation Technology that they use is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phone, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers and more!


You can find all of the nitty gritty details on how it works under the Technology tab on their website. It’s pretty complex, but if I could sum it up into one sentence: it is an innovative technology that restructures and transforms electromagnetic field “haze” into a more biologically-compatible form. (Their own words.)


Aires Tech has spent over 20 million dollars on research and development, focusing primarily on creating products that WORK before bringing them to market. While financial investment alone is no indication of quality, they also back up their products with third party testing, peer reviewed scientific research, and multiple patents (11 existing and 14 on the way!).


So how do we know it works?

Unlike an EMF blocking device that can be assessed using an EMF meter, the EMF meter reading will not change in the presence of a Lifetune device. This is because the EMR is still present, but it is no longer able to interact with the body in the same way. As such, I am not able to objectively confirm that the device works as described, as the impact is all subjective (things like reduced anxiety, better sleep, less brain fog, etc). However, the extent that the company has gone to confirm their technology through validated scientific research and third party testing does give me a lot of confidence, as does the experience of others who I trust!


There are several different products available. The Lifetune Personal has an effective range of 50 square feet; I keep this in my wallet. The Lifetune Device has an effective range of 5 square feet; I keep this on my phone. They also offer the Lifetune Room, which covers 500 square feet, as well as the Lifetune Pet!


In my opinion, this approach to EMR mitigation is much more practical because it essentially creates a coherent zone that moves with you, rather than having to constantly consider if you are “shielded” from EMR exposure in your everyday life. As I mentioned above, all products are currently on sale for 20% off through May 29th, 2021.


A few closing thoughts:

I’m not an expert on this topic, and am still actively learning as I go. This whole topic was super overwhelming to me when I first started learning about it, and I had to bite it off in chunks. If I knew then what I know now, I would have started with a Lifetune Device on my phone and a Lifetune Personal in my office. I truly believe that these devices make a difference in EMR exposure, and in a culture where we are bombarded 24/7/365, a small investment like this is 100% worth it to me. Beyond that, being mindful of maintaining distance is really the best thing you can do!


Last but not least, this post was sponsored by Aires Tech, the maker of the Lifetune line. They sent me a few different products to try out, and upon discovering how much I liked them and looking into their technology and research, I agreed to help them spread the word! Thank you for reading!


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