The Best Way to Store Your Jewelry

21 Dec.,2022

The perfect piece of jewelry will make you look and feel your best.


The perfect piece of jewelry will make you look and feel your best. If you wear any type of jewelry regularly, then you need to read everything you need to know about storing jewelry below. 


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1. Keep your jewelry clean and dry


Before storing any jewelry, make sure it is clean and dry. The moisture of any kind can cause metals to lose their luster or degrade more quickly. For example, if you get caught in the rain while wearing your favorite silver necklace, be sure to dry it thoroughly before wearing it back.



2. Use a rustproof cloth or paper


When storing jewelry made of precious metals, consider wrapping them in a rust-proof cloth or rust-proof paper. An example of such a fabric is plain fine cloth. These help the jewelry retain its luster and not lose its overall color. You can buy rustproof paper or soft tissue paper online that you can also use when storing these ornaments. Doing so will protect them from coming into contact with other elements.
Also, do not use newspapers as a substitute because they tend to be rough and the chemicals in the paper and ink will eventually react with the metal.



3. Put activated charcoal inside the box


Activated charcoal is also handy when storing jewelry to prevent tarnishing. You can place them in the box with the jewelry.
Their purpose is to absorb any moisture that may be present inside the box, which is usually a process that loses its luster. If you live in a humid area or have wet weather, remember to put them in to protect your jewelry.



4. Keep in a dark, dry place


In case of theft, you should keep your fine jewelry in a safe place. This means that it should be out of direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause fine jewelry to lose its luster over time. This is why you may find that your jewelry always seems to need an annual polish in late summer.



5. Clean your jewelry


If your jewelry has lost its luster, you may think it's beyond cleaning. However, you should still try to remove the patina from jewelry that has been stored for more than a week. Storing any type of dirty jewelry for a long period of time can lead to premature and excessive loss of shine. In addition, storing jewelry that has lost its luster with jewelry that has not will cause both pieces of jewelry to lose their luster more quickly.


6. Storing jewelry


Wherever you decide to store your jewelry in your home, keeping humidity low is critical to preserving and protecting your collection. Consider running an air conditioner or dehumidifier in the room where you store your jewelry.
The best place to store your jewelry in your home will also be a place where the overall temperature is consistent. For example, do not place your jewelry shelves directly above a vent. The fewer temperature fluctuations, the better.



7. Storing silver jewelry


Silver jewelry is usually best stored in a box lined with felt. That's because felt helps absorb excess moisture and prevents premature loss of shine. For larger silver pieces, it is best to store them separately in their own special felt bags or wrapped in a silver polishing cloth to reduce exposure to the air.
Even when stored properly, silver jewelry needs to be polished regularly at least twice a year to remove patina. Do not over-polish silver jewelry as this can also cause damage.



8. Other jewelry storage tips.


How to store diamonds: Store fine jewelry so that the parts do not touch each other. Diamonds are capable of scratching other stones and metals.

How to store pearls: Store pearls in a wooden box with a felt lining. Never store pearls in plastic bags or boxes, as plastic can interact with them and cause them to deteriorate.



9. Storing Artificial Jewelry


Artificial jewelry can usually be safely stored outdoors, so you can store these items on jewelry display racks. It helps to keep your synthetic jewelry in a prominent place so you don't forget you have it and you are more likely to want to wear it every day. After all, you're less likely to want to rummage through your jewelry box in the morning while getting ready for work.


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